Norwegian Renewable Energy

NESS offers intelligent strategies and full implementation services for the development, construction, and management of an energy production smart grid infrastructure. Currently, we have our headquarter in Oslo, Norway and our subsidiary in Columbia, USA. We are expanding our developments in Maryland, NYC, Puerto Rico.



NESS delivers quality, efficient, and customized services for our institutional, corporate, and municipal partners. 


Ness Ecosystem is our tool to execute successful projects with efficiency and effectiveness. 


Daniel Myung, CEO

Daniel Myung brings 20 years of leadership, management and operations expertise. Mr. Myung's responsibilities include partnership management and execution of large scale solar projects.

Ole Henrik Lund, CFO

Ole Hendrik is an expert in creating profitable projects through financing renewable energy solutions and developments. 

Terje Normann, CRO

Terje is an experienced risk officer who has a background in export finance, project finance, structured finance solutions, and underwriting sovereign guarantees to players in the Norwegian export industry on behalf of the government of Norway.

James Beaty, CTO

James' experience in engineering and research allows him to maintain high standards for NESS's overall operations and production.